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Not only does it baffle me that the Oregonian “militia” is treated differently by police than Black American activists and children (which is a painfully obvious racist flaw that ignorants have no traction to deny yet they try to); it is further perplexing that they seem to have absolutely no awareness of people around the world who are suffering in real ways. Children in Syria (AND EVERYWHERE) are starving because of civil war, terrorism, and global apathy. U.S. workers are denied a living wage and struggle to feed their families because $15/hr is absolutely out of question to rich right-wing congressmen who have no idea what that is like even though they got where they are because of “hard work.” Indigenous peoples still suffer from centuries of oppression, genocide, and bigotry implemented ages ago and are blamed for their own alcoholism and suicide rates, yet white people still believe that “Redskins” and “Indian” mascots are still acceptable, harmless, and “honorable.” Millions of women all over this planet are not counted as actual people in the global population because they are kidnapped, sold to brothels, raped, mutilated—not even considered human, and forgotten. The list goes on and on. How can privileged folks, in the digital information age, with all of this readily available to them, IN THEIR GODDAMN HANDS, still believe that their fucking petty hang-ups are more important than the real, actual suffering that people experience, and have always experienced? Wake the fuck up. Put your shit into perspective. We do not live in a goddamn vaccuum. 

My Goals for 2016

I want to say a few things about goals and New Year’s resolutions. I recognize that the very idea of New Year’s resolutions is ridiculous because time is a human-made construct, and separation of years is totally arbitrary in relation to a person’s capability of achieving their goals. If there is something you want to achieve or strive to start doing on a regular basis, you don’t need an invisible starting line that begins in January—just start doing it. I am a person who always strives to better myself holistically, everyday, regardless of what time of year it is.

However, I understand the appeal of the overarching “blank slate” or “fresh start” that society tells us comes with each new year. It is healthy to have goals and set benchmarks for when you’d like to achieve them, and I think a year is a good span of time in which to aim to accomplish certain personal goals. That said, setting reasonable standards is important. Saying, “In 2016, I want to do x, y, and/or z every single day!” just sets you up for failure. Those expectations are too high and that just sounds exhausting to me. This is why my goals are minimal and not meant to be daily events (my everyday goals are constant and always roll over into the next year; no need to share them here but you can see many of those in the  previous post).

Aim for balance, not perfection.


  • Take voice lessons
  • Audition for a play or musical
  • Travel to a new place
  • Spend as much time with my dog as possible

Holiday Market this Saturday!

Freedom Market

pagefiftyfiveunicorn Holiday cards from PageFiftyFive!

We couldn’t be more excited for this Saturday’s Holiday Market. Be sure to stop by between 9am-3pm at The Bean Cycle & Wolverine Farm Bookstore in Old Town, Fort Collins (144 North College Avenue). Below is a list of all the talented local makers that will have their products for sale. Support local and handmade this holiday season!

InkPop – Letterpress prints and cards – inkpopstudio.com  /  inkpopstudio.wordpress.com

ShaveSmith – heirloom straight razors and leather goods – https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShaveSmith / shavesmith.imgur.com

Twelve Little Tales – Story Sets, felted and crocheted items

The Silver Poppy – handcrafted jewelry in silver, bronze, and steel – www.thesilverpoppy.etsy.com

Patrick Richardson –  screen prints, handbound journals – https://www.etsy.com/people/Januarybegan

Allie Ogg – earthenware pottery & screenprinted cards – http://www.allieogg.com

Joseph Miranda – functional and decorative porcelain ceramics – madeinceramics.squarespace.com

And the People – candles and bath & body products – http://andthepeople.etsy.com


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DIY Wall Hanging! Part 1

I want to try something!

I am going to start a few projects for my home and blog about making them! What an original idea.

First off, some inspiration

Macrame wall hanging instructions via Brit + Co
Large White Macrame Wall Hanging by TheVintageLoop on Etsy, $118.00
Wall hanging (no longer available) from Etsy shop TheVintageLoop
I’d love to use some chunky yarn and huge needles to knit a wall hanging similar to this. We’ll see… (via Counting Stone Sheep, original source unknown.)

Besides a wall hanging, I want to attempt to paint a nice geometric design onto a big canvas, in strong earth tones. Some design inspiration here…

Abstract geometric poster design
I like the hexagons. I could probably lay down tape or make a stencil.

I haven’t found any examples yet of what I might do with a triangle pattern. I’ll draw something up and post it in my next post about this.

This makes me excited and lights a fire under my butt to start one of these projects soon! Stay tuned.


Quick Weekend in Vail

Joey and I have lived in Colorado for a year now, and despite our “best” efforts, we really haven’t done a whole lot around the state in that time like we thought we would. I remember hiking Horsetooth Rock for the first time, last August, and Joey and I saying to each other “Let’s try to go on a hike every week!” Great idea! Didn’t happen.

Fortunately, in my latest self-improvement kick, I’ve been better grasping what it is I need in my life to keep me happy and healthy. Activity in nature is definitely something I need to intentionally incorporate in my life a lot more than I do, and Colorado is a place that offers endless opportunity for this. I want to make greater efforts to spend weekends of our second year here visiting the Great Outdoors of Colorado (and Wyoming… and Arizona…).

Fortunately, we got to utilize this past weekend to head into the mountains and to the town of Vail. Joey has a friend who lives and works there, so we were able to take the dog with us and stay at his house… which so happens to sit right along a pretty mountain river.

Beautiful river running behind the house in the valley.
Girlfriend the dawg checking out the beautiful river running behind the house in the valley.

Sunday morning, after much discussion and failed navigation, we went to the Booth Falls trail for a morning hike. We were on a bit of a time crunch, so it was good that it was a fairly quick hike – just under three hours up and back down.

Looking down on the Falls.
Mountain trees!



This is Joey’s buddy Alex who lives in this gorgeous place.
Half candid/half posey.

Next up we have the Joey summit beer photo series:

20140810_122613 20140810_122641 20140810_122747 20140810_122841


And of course, a few cute pictures of us:


It had rained a bit on the way back down.


Some lovely Aspens.


Since I’m a dork, some wildflowers I picked on a shorter hike we did later with the dog


That’s all, folks! Get out there and get into some nature while you can!