Not only does it baffle me that the Oregonian “militia” is treated differently by police than Black American activists and children (which is a painfully obvious racist flaw that ignorants have no traction to deny yet they try to); it is further perplexing that they seem to have absolutely no awareness of people around the world who are suffering in real ways. Children in Syria (AND EVERYWHERE) are starving because of civil war, terrorism, and global apathy. U.S. workers are denied a living wage and struggle to feed their families because $15/hr is absolutely out of question to rich right-wing congressmen who have no idea what that is like even though they got where they are because of “hard work.” Indigenous peoples still suffer from centuries of oppression, genocide, and bigotry implemented ages ago and are blamed for their own alcoholism and suicide rates, yet white people still believe that “Redskins” and “Indian” mascots are still acceptable, harmless, and “honorable.” Millions of women all over this planet are not counted as actual people in the global population because they are kidnapped, sold to brothels, raped, mutilated—not even considered human, and forgotten. The list goes on and on. How can privileged folks, in the digital information age, with all of this readily available to them, IN THEIR GODDAMN HANDS, still believe that their fucking petty hang-ups are more important than the real, actual suffering that people experience, and have always experienced? Wake the fuck up. Put your shit into perspective. We do not live in a goddamn vaccuum. 


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