Quick Weekend in Vail

Joey and I have lived in Colorado for a year now, and despite our “best” efforts, we really haven’t done a whole lot around the state in that time like we thought we would. I remember hiking Horsetooth Rock for the first time, last August, and Joey and I saying to each other “Let’s try to go on a hike every week!” Great idea! Didn’t happen.

Fortunately, in my latest self-improvement kick, I’ve been better grasping what it is I need in my life to keep me happy and healthy. Activity in nature is definitely something I need to intentionally incorporate in my life a lot more than I do, and Colorado is a place that offers endless opportunity for this. I want to make greater efforts to spend weekends of our second year here visiting the Great Outdoors of Colorado (and Wyoming… and Arizona…).

Fortunately, we got to utilize this past weekend to head into the mountains and to the town of Vail. Joey has a friend who lives and works there, so we were able to take the dog with us and stay at his house… which so happens to sit right along a pretty mountain river.

Beautiful river running behind the house in the valley.
Girlfriend the dawg checking out the beautiful river running behind the house in the valley.

Sunday morning, after much discussion and failed navigation, we went to the Booth Falls trail for a morning hike. We were on a bit of a time crunch, so it was good that it was a fairly quick hike – just under three hours up and back down.

Looking down on the Falls.
Mountain trees!



This is Joey’s buddy Alex who lives in this gorgeous place.
Half candid/half posey.

Next up we have the Joey summit beer photo series:

20140810_122613 20140810_122641 20140810_122747 20140810_122841


And of course, a few cute pictures of us:


It had rained a bit on the way back down.


Some lovely Aspens.


Since I’m a dork, some wildflowers I picked on a shorter hike we did later with the dog


That’s all, folks! Get out there and get into some nature while you can!