Finding Inspiration

Good afternoon! It’s President’s Day today, and somehow is a day deemed worthy as a vacation day for my company. I gladly slept in much too late, woke up feeling regret about sleeping in too late, and am now searching for creative inspiration. I’m thinking about what brings inspiration when one is a bit dry and lacking in the area. Because I am a person who thinks and thinks and has to express myself before I make action, I wanted to sort of talk this out, and hopefully get some feedback from you people who I find so inspiring yourselves!

This is my life right now:

I work for a knitting magazine. Arguably one of the best in this niche industry. I love knitting with (pretty much) my whole heart and have an insatiable desire to continue learning about the craft, in technique, material, tools, etc. This is fantastic for many reasons, but can also be challenging. The great thing about it is that I’m able to hone and improve my skill, which will benefit me both professionally and personally (you know, ideally). The not-so-great thing is that I focus so much of my time, even outside of work, on knitting now that I am losing focus on other arts and crafts that fulfill me so much.

I’ve been able to continue with pottery every now and again, when I have the time and money to invest in some studio/class time. Photography has totally taken a back seat, as I dropped my digital camera in a glass of soda a few months back (I know… what?) and buying and developing film from the film camera (that is not even mine) is so expensive! I still have three rolls to get developed from when I visited Cuba. Woops. But also #thirtybucks. #atleast.

I’ve got a few sewing projects that have been waiting for me pretty much since we moved here. Many of them are altering clothing items, and I’m also working on a t-shirt blanket for Joey. I’ve had the desire to make a modernly designed quilt for years now, but have never taken the plunge and bought the fabric and begun one.

Making my apartment kickass has also been a challenge. Living with another human and a dog makes it harder to keep everything clean and decluttered enough to move onto the next step and really make this a functional and beautiful space. As most of you know, who have seen my past apartments/bedrooms, you know this is a pretty important thing to me. I’ve always spent lots of time rearranging and playing around with my furniture arrangements and wall decor to find what really works and looks the best. I have not done this here, and it’s making me a little crazy!

I’m also aiming to improve and expand my blog, as well as my Etsy shop, including giving it a new name.

So, essentially this is my list of things that I want to do and keep doing. Whenever I have some sort of list of things to accomplish, and I’m actively checking off tasks I’ve completed, I feel great. On the other hand, I’ve got a list of crafty tasks I have been aiming to accomplish (see: Joey’s blanket, film development), and the list just remains as is. Often when I find myself with free time, I end up on the computer, browsing whatever and wasting time, or simply grabbing my knitting project and focusing on that. Am I setting myself up with too many expectations about what I can get done? I’m really not sure, because I read blogs from other people all the time who are doing awesome things, like Leah and Erin’s a clover & a bee blog, and these girls seriously do so much! During college, as well. What college student has time to do any of this stuff let alone ALL OF IT?! (Let’s be real, they probably don’t go out every single Friday night and get plastered. That is step 1 to success. Unless you are trying to be a successful partyer.)

Anyway, I’ve been rambling here but my point is – I have this deep desire to express myself creatively and accomplish a lot in the way of my passion for functional beauty/art. But (a) where can I get some more time? and (b) where does my creative inspiration truly come from? Where does YOUR creative inspiration come from? What do you do to get yourself inspired and then motivated to act on your inspiration? I’m sure many would answer this with “JUST DO STUFF” or something along those lines and a little more eloquently put, and I’m interested in specific answers that carry that idea, but what about for those of you who are cerebral, questioning, hesitant, who think about your every move and approach? Are you organized in your motivation somehow?  I really want to know how other people tackle their creative endeavors and from where they find inspiration. Please share yours in the comments! Please!

I think with getting all of that out of my system, I’ve inspired myself to go find a white cloth to use as a backdrop for taking pictures of my pottery that I’ll post to Etsy. So, thanks for letting me rant and express my creative confusions/frustrations with you. I really hope to see some words from you guys :)

One Love (and Happy Presidents Day?),



2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration

  1. We should do a pottery date sometime so I can a) learn how to throw pottery and b) make a yarn bowl!

    Aside from the “just do it” advice, sometimes I find it easier to engage in a creative activity with a buddy – local or virtual. It’s kind of like having a workout partner, someone to hold you accountable but to also encourage you and share your triumphs and lessons.

    One of the most useful pieces of advice I’ve read in the past year or so has really stuck with me and helps me keep from being too lazy on lazy days: Your life is what you do with your days. I don’t want a lazy life so I try not to be too lazy with each day life gives me :)

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