WIP Wednesday

I’ve never done a “works-in-progress Wednesday,” but here we go!

I’ve got a few simple projects on the burner, as well as one doozie of a sucker of a sweater.

The Rikke Hat

I’ve done a few of these already – one for my  mom and another for my BFF. Right now I’m working on one for myself and another human (not going to say for whom at this point) in these beautiful Madelinetosh colors:

Green! For me!
Blue! For someone else!

Impromptu Chunky Green Guy

On Saturday I decided to use up some Knit Picks green stuff I have and make a chunky-ass hat. (Not a chunky ass-hat.) I finished it Sunday, and it’s absolutely HUGE on my noggin. That one might be going up on Etsy. I’ll post the finished photos later. Also, check out the badass huge pom-pom I made for it. The colors are off because one picture was taken inside, at night, and the other outside, in the daytime.

A chunky beginning
Look at this thing!
Look at this thing!

Tara Jacket

Finally, I’ve got this here crazy guy. I’ve finished knitting the body, as you can see below (please excuse the Instagram photo), and I’ve started working on the sleeves. If I’m going to keep up with this Knitting Daily knit-along, I better get clickin’!

I love you, I hate you, Tara Jacket. You are a beautiful beast.

So, those are the projects I’m currently working on. Green hats are a new favorite, and I’m attempting to make a collection of them this year. All different yarns, all different greens, all different designs. I’m hoping to do one a month. Wish me luck!



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