#PFDINP (post from December I never published)

The autumn season is upon us, and winter is creeping up quite soon. It’s cold as eff out here already, though, with snow, ice, and temperatures lingering around the zero mark. I hate to admit that my physical activity has dwindled since it’s so cold out, even though I had a two week (*FREE*) membership to the Fort Collins Club (it’s a swanky gym, don’t worry about it). It’s almost debilitating to be outside, and that means that Girlfriend “The Dawg” Baker hasn’t gotten a lot of walks either. One key to surviving the Colorado cold is to knit massive scarves, though I don’t think this would work for the dog. Another tip is to just pretend like it’s not cold out. This tactic doesn’t last very long, because if it’s not cold out, why are you sporting the massive scarf and hippo mittens? Anyway, the point is that you JUST DEAL.

We’re super lucky to have the amenities that we do. I’m not just talking about Joey and I when I say “we” – I’m talking about us all. There are a fair amount of homeless people in Fort Collins, noticeably more than I’ve ever been adjusted to seeing around me everyday. I don’t even know what they do when it’s this frigid outside. Is there some shelter they can stay in? Do they just find the “warmest” spot around and nestle in for the night? I don’t even know, and I realize I’m super privileged and ignorant because of that fact alone – I don’t know. Last week our pipes froze, and it took the (very) few hours that we didn’t have running water to feel thankful that 99% of the time, we have it without even thinking about it or having to work for it. We have heat in our home that is adjustable to our liking. We have resources that make it possible for us to not have to brave the elements as they come at us. We simply go inside. 

Since weather is one of the most common conversation topics – it’s something we all share – we often have conversations with friends, family, and co-workers about how unfairly cold it is outside. But we get respite from the cruelty of the winter. We complain about the cold while we are inside, in heated buildings that have power and water and INTERNET (Oh really, it’s cold outside? How would you know when you’ve been inside, in your jammies, watching Miley Cyrus music videos all day? [This is obviously what I believe Americans do on a daily basis]). Our basic needs, most of our secondary needs, and certainly many of our wants, are met and we’re talking about how COLD it is outside. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had this kind of conversation with anyone who can’t go inside, at least not for as long as they might like.

This is my Etsy shop profile bio that I made before I graduated college:

I am a soon-to-be college graduate of Anthropology, but have discovered my love of functional art. I have been a knitter for over six years. I just recently took a ceramics class at my university and found the process to be exhilarating and therapeutic. I am very excited to continue to make pottery in order to hone my skill and challenge myself. After I graduate college, I would like to move to Colorado and work for the National Park Service for a bit, and then find a job in a yarn shop in a town where there are local opportunities to continue to make pottery. Eventually I would like to own a yarn/coffee shop, and recently have added to my list of hopes to own or be a part of a pottery studio.
I attend Kansas State University, and I live with my boyfriend, my brother, and my wonderful black lab Girlfriend.
I try to maintain genuineness and sincerity in my everyday life.



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