Going Home

In my whole life, I had never “gone home” until this past weekend. Going to college in the town where I grew up, I heard out-of-town classmates often say “I’m going home,” as the reason for their weekend absenteeism. I already was home, and actually left home to see family, rather than vice-versa, which might have been viewed as the norm. I didn’t know what it was like to “go home.” Now I know, and I get it.

I absolutely love my home and am grateful for my twenty years of life I spent in Manhattan, Kansas. I had been homesick for the past few weeks in Colorado as well, and really looked forward to the weekend back in my total and complete comfort zone. It was nice. But, fortunately, I think it reiterated to me the importance that I’ve finally left. I can see now I really did make a wise decision in moving away from home and building a new life outside of that comfort zone.

In short, I’m completely grateful for for it all: being born and raised in Kansas (mostly Manhattan), going to college there, working full time at Kansas State University, and then finally making my way out as a 25-year-young woman. I’m so fortunate to have such a place to call home, and doubly so to have a new home that is bright, fresh, and inspiring. To be with the creatures I love most, my boyfriend and my Girlfriend (The Dawg) is just the perfect cherry on top of it all; they are the ones with whom I share all of my new experiences and drink all of the beer. Having my brother here would be an extra cherry, but that might take a little while.

Thanks, Kansas. And thank you, too, Colorado.


2 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. This is lovely, Hannah. You have a really beautiful way of looking at/saying things. I am proud to call you my best friend, and so proud of the changes you are making in your new life and the exciting- albeit sometimes scary- experiences you are creating for yourself. Love you, sister!

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