Settling In

Hola! It’s been over a month since my last informative post, so it’s about time for a new one. The only problem this presents is that I have to really challenge my memory for all those details of events that have happened over the last month, and in some sort of coherent order. I may just have to hit the highlights. Here we go.

There are a lot of big events in Fort Collins. They are usually over the weekend, take place in Old Town, and feature the town’s most loved aspects: Bicycling, Music, and Beer. The first of such event we had the pleasure to experience was New West Fest. Joey’s job required him and his co-workers to help set up big huge tents for the Fest, so naturally the entire time we were there he pointed out every tent he set up and examined it closely for quality. The first night we went out kind of late and saw the tail-end of the first big band’s show. All I remember is they had a song (probably called “Nature”) and the lead singer just kind of wailed out the word “Naaa-tuuure!” over and over again and each time the hippy dippy FoCo crowd went nuts. The next day we wandered around to all the vendor tents, grabbed some food and beer, and saw some random musicians playing. At one point we spent all of our tickets on very expensive but ridiculously delicious margaritas. They had drinking fountains with multiple faucets, featuring this sign:

Brought some damn tears to my eyes.
Brought some damn tears to my eyes.

I once did a research report for a class about how effed up single-use water bottles are, so I got all nerdy over this. Seriously, it makes me so happy to live in a place where this kind of stuff is important.

Later that day I made bean burgers for Joey for the first time.

Just look at it.
Just look at it.

We went back to the Fest later that night and tried to get into the Ben Harper show. It was absolutely packed, obviously, because it was a freebee Ben Harper concert. Joey and I decided to head to Library Park (it’s the park at the library) to watch the show from a huge screen they had set up. We sat and relaxed in the grass, which is okay to do here because no chiggers. So deal with that. It was a great show and we went home.

Another event that happens here is Tour de Fat. This pretty much consists of everyone dressing up all crazy-like, biking around town to craft beer destinations, and entertainment happening downtown. We dressed as crazy as we could, which paled in comparison to everyone else’s attire, and rode downtown for beer and stuff. THERE WERE SO MANY BIKES. Now I wish I had taken a picture of where they were all locked up. Dammit. We saw this comedian yo-yoist who did tricks and told jokes. He was pretty funny. Then there was this other goon who was a “heavy metal magician” with an awful fake British accent. Eep. Then we went home to eat and for naps, but by the time Joey woke up all of the festivities were over! What the heck?!

Wake up, turd.
Wake up, turd.

Another cool thing about this town:

The official cup of Tour de Fat…
Make sure, in the midst of your public drunkenness, you get this to a compost container, provided by the event coordinators.
Make sure, in the midst of your public drunkenness, you get this to a compost container, provided by the event coordinators.

How cool is that?! Instead of creating a huge amount of trash or “recycling,” let’s just go ahead and compost these suckers!

The next event like these two will be happening next weekend. FORTOBERFEST. What will be happening there? Bikes, Music, and Beer.

Work has been going pretty well. I am slowly but surely learning my responsibilities, how to prioritize, and what is a stupid question to ask before trying to find the answer myself. Want to see some pictures of my office/desk/view? OK!

This is my desk (note the window).
This is my desk (note the window).
View looking away from my desk. Those bins are full of yarn and other knitting gear.
View looking away from my desk. Those bins are full of yarn and other knitting gear.
Bookshelf full of knitting books.
Bookshelf full of knitting books.
Lovely view of the Loveland Pawn shop out of my window.
Lovely view of the Loveland Pawn shop out of my window.
The first issue I helped with is in print!
The first issue I helped with is in print!

A few weeks ago my boss came into town. She works from her home in North Carolina and comes to Loveland every now and then during important times. We had a photo shoot so she was here to direct all of that business. The shoot was out in Longmont on some beautiful private property. The people who owned the house that was base camp for us run a little bed and breakfast, so we rented out the guest space for two days. It was a gorgeous spot, with the mountains RIGHT THERE. The photo shoot was a lot of fun – I didn’t have to do much besides be supportive and get lunch for everyone. The people we worked with are awesome, too. The photographer and his assistants, the makeup artist, and the models were good, funny people that I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know. I’ll work with many of them in the future, and I am looking forward to it!

I work with that lady standing there.
I work with that lady standing there.
Longmont countryside.
Longmont countryside.

The people who own this property also have a few animals. For the last garment we had to shoot photos of, the photographer decided to brave the donkey pen, which he’d been joking about every shot before this one. So we all hung out with some donkeys for a while.

donkeyThey were pretty compliant. I’ll show you pictures from the magazine when this issue is out.

Another pretty cool thing about my job is that I can get yarn pretty easily. I decided to knit a sweater from a recent Knits issue and I ordered the yarn for it last week. The yarn came to me at the office on my birthday. I am going to knit this sweater with this yarn:

Mmm...plaid blanket...
Mmm…plaid blanket…

I’ve already made some good progress with this guy, and I’m definitely learning some new knitting techniques and stitches. YIPES it’s scary but exciting.

In other news: Joey got a TV for his birthday from his step-mom, and he bought a laptop on Friday. We now have two, count them: one, TWO screens in our home, people.

We’ve gone on a few more hikes after the one I mentioned up Horsetooth. Joey and I went to Estes Park a few weeks ago and hiked to Gem Lake, which is a precious little mountain pond. It was pretty rainy that day, so we had a pond picnic and hightailed it out of there. We also visited the Devil’s Backbone, which is not too far past Loveland. That was a pretty easy trail, but very cool, and Girlfriend did a great job. I have pictures from both of these hikes, but they’re film, so I’ll put them up once I get that film developed.

My birthday was pretty awesome. I made this and took it into work:

Chocolate cheesecake. Hard to make without electric mixer but I did it.
Chocolate cheesecake. Hard to make without electric mixer but I did it.

Joey took me to dinner at an Italian restaurant in Old Town called Bisetti’s. The lighting was great and it was fairly fancy. We took a long time to pick what booze we’d like to drink, and ended up ordering a fancy bottle of cabernet. It was pretty smooth. Then we got bread with BASIL BUTTER. I am still freaking out over how delicious it was. I ate the sausage and peppers penne with tomato cream sauce, and Joey had the shrimp and crab fettuccini alfredo. It was all amazing. THEN since it was my birthday and our waitress was really into that, we got a free cheesecake dessert. Look at this business:

ERMAHGERD so cute.
ERMAHGERD so cute.

That is some raspberry sauce, y’all. After we ate this we went to the Drunken Monkey (not of my choosing, because Joey has been wanting to see what this place is all about). They have swings for chairs at their bar, friends. Which seems REALLY cool at first because who doesn’t like swings? Let me tell you, this is a big waste of swings. You can’t swing because they are AT THE BAR. You run into the bar. It’s stupid. It was also comedy open mic night, and that was difficult for me. But really, I had a great birthday. And now I’m halfway through my twenties. Sweet…

I am getting tired of writing, but I’ll give a few other bulleted highlights:

  • Joey got his Colorado EMT certification, so he can start looking for a job that suits his desires better.
  • I start pottery next week at an adorable studio called Smokestack Pottery.
  • Joey got me a short-term membership to the Old Town yoga studio, so I can go to as many classes as I want for two weeks. Going to start that soon.
  • It has been flooding here if you haven’t heard or seen it on the news. We are in an OK spot, but we had work cancelled Friday because of flooding in the area. A few people have died. It’s kind of crazy.
  • The rainy week has made me want to stay inside, and today inspired me to make chicken and noodles. So delicious and homey.
  • Boxed wine.
  • Sushi (a lot of sushi).
  • Albertson’s.
  • This pretty view out of our front door.
    This pretty view out of our front door.

    Oh, have I told you guys about Chen’s? There is a liquor store across the street from our house. It is also an Oriental market. It’s also a gas station. It’s owned by this guy named Chen who is super friendly and talkative. So we go see him every so often. You know, for gas and booze and soy sauce. He’s great.

  • Reading books – currently “Naked” by David Sedaris. Almost finished.
  • Girlfriend the dog is doing well. We took her to the vet yesterday and she is pretty damn healthy. Her knee is probably what is causing her to limp after she does a lot of physical activity. We got her some glucosamine supplements to help with that. She also needs to lose about 3-4 pounds so we are working on that.
Oh hey I'm Girlfriend.
Oh hey I’m Girlfriend.
  • I’m not really sure what else. We’ll let it go there for now.

OK! That felt like a pretty comprehensive update. I am worn out now and will probably watch a movie and keep knitting. Peace and blessings!



Giant chess outside the library.
My jade plant, Jaden Smith, is growing nicely.
My jade plant, Jaden Smith, is growing nicely. I also planted some cilantro.

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