FoCoCo Was A Great Idea

The boyf and I moved into our Colorado apartment just over a week ago and have already done so much  here. We are absolutely loving it! Everyone is ridiculously friendly and positive, likes dogs, and drinks really good, locally brewed beer. Here are some highlights from the past week:

After driving for eight hours while worrying about the bike rack on the back of Joey’s Honda Civic, we showed up to our new apartment and moved in. The apartment is adorable and better than I expected. We have a lot of space, a breakfast nook, bathtub, storage space outside, and back patio where the grill rests comfortably. Joey’s uncle/aunt/cousins were in the area from Nebraska for vacation, so on our first night we went to dinner with them. As we were looking for a parking space I spotted this license plate:

Obviously we chose to view this as a positive sign.

The next day, after walking the Poudre trail with Girlfriend and doing some around-the-house settling-in tasks we went downtown to get some food and see some new junk. We ended up hopping on a bicyclist/rickshaw situation and getting a free tour of downtown. One stop included the historic Avery house, which is where the guy who basically founded Ft. Collins lived. Here’s a picture of a postcard with a painting of the house:


After that we ate at this great pizza place called Beau Jo’s and experienced the “mountain pie” for the first time. We also experienced some mountain hail.

After that we drove east to Red Feather Lakes where his family was staying in a cabin. We had family time with them and camped in the tent right outside the cabin. The stars were overwhelmingly beautiful with the lack of city lights out there. The next morning we drove to a trail nearby that led up to Mount Margaret. We hiked for a while, and it was a nice and easy route for Girlfriend to traverse also. She had a great time. I don’t remember what we did after we got home. Sorry.

The next few days we spent continuing to “make our house a home,” and drink really good beer. I can’t even keep track of all the delicious local goodness I’ve consumed, so I will spare you. Just know it’s been a lot. Here are some pictures of our apartment so far:

Part of our bedroom. The dresser and mirror were Joey’s dads and all around the mirror are stickers of old college mascots. I like it.
Our adorable breakfast nook, featuring the table and chairs Joey and I put together OURSELVES. And plants.

We went to Horsetooth Rock on Tuesday and Girlfriend even came with us! It’s absolutely beautiful up there. Girl had a really hard time with the elevation change so I stayed with her as Joey made his way to the top of the horse’s tooth (just kidding, she did way better than I did…I was dying).

Tired dog glamour shots.
Tired Hannah scenic shots.
Joey never got tired.
View from (almost) the top.
Some lovely foliage.

We found a great eatery on N. College (just past the CHUCKY CHEESE) called Taqueria. It was pretty damn delicious, and they also have a neveria next to it (that means ice cream shop, y’all).

Munchin’ on a big ass burrito.

I started my job at Interweave Knits on Wednesday.


My job is pretty damn cool. I work with cool people, I get to touch knitted garments and look at knitting patterns  all day, and I get paid to be on and other knitting websites. The best part is: I am not in a cave but on the third floor and have a WINDOW at my desk. The view out of this window is of the Loveland Pawn shop, which makes for some interesting people-watching. Loveland is a pretty cute little town, full of self-contradictions.

The Old Town branch of the Poudre River Public Library District is really close to our house, and Joey and I have both gotten library cards! So exciting! Joey checked out this DVD yesterday:

Interesting purchase, Poudre Libraries.

Last night we met up with my awesome uncle, aunt, and cousin who have lived in Windsor for 13 years. There is a really cool little brewery that just opened up there in the past year called High Hops, so we went there and enjoyed some more delicious beer. Then we went to Oakley and Dustin’s housewarming party and met some great people. It was a lovely time.

This morning Joey had a job interview and got the job! He’ll start early Monday morning, driving a truck around to different events and helping set up the tables, chairs, and other things needed for events. He’s going to continue to look for something in the health care field, but this is a good start. His fingerprints are currently on their way to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation so his EMT certification will hopefully be approved to be switched to Colorado.

I have spent the day trying to get the wooden legs back onto the couch (I have started and given up several times; I don’t think I’m going to be successful) and doing other homey things. I have not gotten far. Joey’s at the ultimate frisbee Colorado Cup tournament in Aurora this weekend, so hopefully I will be motivated to get our apartment mostly in order before he gets back tomorrow (#yeahright).

In short, our decision to move out here was BRILLIANT if you ask me. We are really loving this place, the people, the sights, the beer, and the dogs. There is always so much to do and so much activity going on all the time. Being close to the mountains is so refreshing and I love seeing them whenever I look to the west. Girlfriend is excelling in her new position as Mountain Dog and seems to be really liking the move so far. While I definitely miss a lot of my dear friends back home, I am really grateful for this change and fortunate I have gotten to come to Colorado and begin this adventure. I’m not homesick quite yet.