Some Items for Sale

There are some things currently posted to my Etsy shop, SincerelyHannahMade. Here they are! Click the picture to go to the Etsy page.

Knitted headband
Hand-knit cotton headband – $14.99
Blue & Gray Cotton Tank Top
Hand-knit blue cotton tank top (size S-M) – $27.99
Blue/Green Rib-Knitted Twisted Cowl
Hand-knit blue/green ribbed cowl – $13.99

Tiny Planter
A wee little planter! – $9.99
Turquoise Ceramic Cup
Small ceramic cup – $12.99
Polka Dot Bowl
Polka dot ceramic bowl – $14.99


Friendship Food

Yesterday my dear friend and I pondered what we should eat for dinner. We discussed running to Little Caesar’s to get a $5 Hot and Ready pizza, but then I remembered I have a big bag of frozen tilapia.  Then I remembered I had quinoa. AND THEN I remembered that I had broccoli I really needed to use up. So we put ourselves to work and whipped up a delicious dinner in about 20 minutes. Here’s a picture of me about to devour it:

Look at that delicious broccoli.