Experiment in Exercise

Pedometer phone app is my new obsession.

It tells me some amazing things. Like the fact that I walked over 16,000 steps two days ago, and over 18,000 yesterday. I burned around 500 calories and walked/ran total distances of about 7 miles each day. My new personal challenge is to make sure that I walk at least 15,000 steps each day.

I also am trying to run every day for the next two weeks, as well as do more and more crunches and push ups everyday. I’ve reversed how I look at my personal goals; before, I would make goals like running every two or three days. Somehow I would burn out so quick. Now, I’ve got a limited time in my head (now down to nine days) leading up to some quality swimsuit time. I am three days strong, which is not long, but I am not burnt out yet like I normally would be at this point. Having the pedometer and this new way of looking at a goal help me out a lot, I think.

That is all!


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