(1) Girls, if you want things to be “good,” you better get yourself to the store and purchase one of these bad boys RIGHT NOW.

(2) Why doesn’t BSB still put out tunes like this one?

(3) Throwback Friday. Because I can.

(4) I just listened to this song twice in a row. Because I can.




Last week I attended an employee retreat with my fellow classified library employees. It was all day, and it was at the local zoo. It had been so long since I’d last visited our zoo; it was probably when I was a sophomore in high school, required to park in the zoo lot and walk through copious amounts of tick-y brush to get to the school. The zoo was different than I remembered, as an impressive new educational building has been built at its entry. Also, the animals and scenery looked quite a bit more pathetic than my childhood memories depicted in my mind. There were some things I recalled as exactly the same, though, such as the big pavilion where we’d picnic as elementary school kids during field trips. There was also an ape statue where the chimps and other non-human primates lived, and when I saw it I remembered a picture I had taken there around the third grade. I had a co-worker help me try to replicate the picture so I could compare then and now.

May 2013 080
“Then” (maybe around 1997-1998)
May 2013 077
“Now” (last week)

The angle isn’t quite right, and the second picture is missing a cute lady named Roxanne, but you get the gist. I thought I was a lot smaller back then, but turns out I’m still a pretty short human.

Experiment in Exercise

Pedometer phone app is my new obsession.

It tells me some amazing things. Like the fact that I walked over 16,000 steps two days ago, and over 18,000 yesterday. I burned around 500 calories and walked/ran total distances of about 7 miles each day. My new personal challenge is to make sure that I walk at least 15,000 steps each day.

I also am trying to run every day for the next two weeks, as well as do more and more crunches and push ups everyday. I’ve reversed how I look at my personal goals; before, I would make goals like running every two or three days. Somehow I would burn out so quick. Now, I’ve got a limited time in my head (now down to nine days) leading up to some quality swimsuit time. I am three days strong, which is not long, but I am not burnt out yet like I normally would be at this point. Having the pedometer and this new way of looking at a goal help me out a lot, I think.

That is all!