I don’t know what is going on lately, but I’ve been having some really strong anxious feelings. On Saturday I thought it was because I was pissed off about Fake Paddy’s Day and just wanted to get the heck outta there. But today on my walk back to work I started feeling really anxious again. I can’t really tell why or what’s going on. I’ve been thinking about the future a lot and it’s overwhelming. I also am getting really tired of the same walk to and from work daily. It is starting to feel like it will never end. But then I think maybe I am just making myself think I’m having a panic attack but that I’m really not, but that just makes me more anxious!

What I need to do in this moment is recognize that I’m not feeling the greatest or completely like myself, a little anxious, and strangely depressed, but need to act to get myself out of the slight funk. Don’t buy coffee or anything, Hannah. Sit and breath steady and get to work! …Then later today write a funny compilation post about all those funny notes you wrote on your old Facebook account that you just found.

Ok chill out Bakes.


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