Goals for March

1. Continuous goals for my everyday life are to knit, read, do yoga, meditate, and run on a more regular basis. This is an ongoing struggle, as social life and laziness are daily distractions. It’s important for me to always try to keep up these activities; they are the things I can do all by myself that feed my soul and make me feel whole. I still have not figured out the best way to balance personal vs. shared time, and I will continue to explore to find what works for me.

2. In an effort to not be a total “sheep,” I want to work on smiling with every eye contact I make. We all go about our lives, trying to get to the next places we need to be, pretending all the people around us are not really there. We look at the ground while we walk, or we stare straight forward. Our eyes occasionally meet those of a stranger, and we quickly look away, unable to give recognition to the potential of human connection that can be found in that moment. Sure, it’s a little awkward, but only because it’s out of the ordinary. I want to work on not being afraid of making eye contact with those I bypass, stranger or otherwise. I want to take those opportunities to smile, acknowledging that other person as a fellow human, and hopefully making a connection, even if it is brief and very likely forgettable.

3. Another goal in the realm of human connection is that I want to be better about calling over texting. I realized my main mode of communication (outside of in-person) is texting. It is a complete habit for me these days, when I try to get in touch with a friend to get together, ask a question, or otherwise, to type out what I want to say and wait for a response. This kind of makes no sense, unless I am in a place where I cannot actually talk on the phone and it is important for that moment (but when is it ever absolutely necessary, outside of emergency situations?) Hearing another person’s voice, and allowing them to hear mine, is a great opportunity for connection from a distance. From now on, when I get a hold of friends or family and I am thinking about sending a text, I am going to challenge myself to call instead.

Happy March, Bakes’s self-improvement month!


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