I am going to start called the second month of the year Fabruary, you know why? Because I learned how to make it not suck like always! This post is a few days late, but here are the main things brought to me by Fabruary 2013:

-Knitting + NPR = ♡
-An amazing art birthday party. Simply. Amazing.
-Getting Frascoed a few times – boogyin’ down and kissin’ feet
-7th Annual Drag show
-A lovely Valentine’s day featuring a great mixed cd that I have already listened to about 8,000 times
A Valentine soiree!
-Lawrence friendship time
-Processing change
-“Choo-chooin’ on the winster train.”
-Feeling the moment
-Teamin’ it to the grocery store
-Cooking, cooking, cooking great food
-Snow day!
Snow day quesadilla!
-Blanket fort
-Mae’s photo booth x 2
-Future ponderin’
-Quality letters, to and from quality humans
-Pride and love for my friends pursuing their passions
-Experiencing a good friend’s quality theatrical directorial debut

Seriously you guys, shortest month? How did I manage to squeeze in so many good times. I really love you all and this town. Thank you so much. I know I gush a lot but you gotta get over it.

Hanny Bakeybuns


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