Pretty! And pretty color.

Neoteric Wool

My Grandma gifted some lovely Paton’s Worsted 100% Wool yarn to me for Christmas in aDSCN0260 highly trendy shade of cranberry. I started and ripped out different projects at least three times before deciding to create a simple cowl with a highly defined stitch pattern. This was the perfect project for this yarn. I cannot wait to take some better photos and list it to my Etsy store.


Here is the pattern if you wish to create this cozy cowl for yourself or a friend.

Materials: Size 8 circular needles 16″, size 10 circular needles 16″, about 350 yards of    worsted weight yarn

Cast on 88 stitches onto the size 8 circular needle.

Row 1-12: *K4, P4, rep from *

Switch to the size 10 circular needles and continue in this stitch pattern until your piece

measures approximately 17″ from the cast on edge.

Row 1: Knit all stitches

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