I love the red dress so much!!!

All She Wants To Do Is Knit

There’s nothing like a yarn diet combined with an important long-term project to make the eyes wander.

I am only allowed three open projects right now:

  • The wedding shawl
  • The not-a-boyfriend-sweater cardigan (which I was supposed to finish before Christmas)
  •  A pair of socks

But I can’t seem to stay triogamous. I don’t think I’ve ever favorited so many new patterns on Ravelry as I have during the last few weeks.

I don’t think woman was ever meant to limit herself to just three knitting projects. It’s against nature…or at least it’s against my nature.

Pain shared is pain halved right? So I’m going to share some of the delightful patterns that have me in agonies right now.

I’m Living in Sweater Dresses Right Now

I have a trio of gorgeous sweater dresses I’ve been pairing with leggings and wearing to work the last couple of months. I would love…

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  1. I love that red dress too. The waiting until I can knit it is so hard! Thanks for the reblog :-)

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