January Highlights

Some main points from the first month of 2013 (scraps pulled from my journal and additional nuggets):

– New vocabulary words
– Reflection on patience & independence
– $ saving endeavors
– To read: JFK’s Profiles in Courage
– New(ish) Beck song: “Looking for a Sign”
– 30 day drawing challenge
– Handwritten letters to and from dear friends
– Clean pantry and apartment!
– Finished Obama’s The Audacity of Hope
– Funny evening with family, jokes, colors, feelings, and green peppers
– Confusion leading to improved communication and mini-personal breakthrough
– “Les Miserables” in Newton
– “Zero Dark Thirty” date and investigating that whole issue…
– The Chef (of course) with hugs from cute waitress
– Kissing & more!
– Canceled doctor’s appoinments #boo
– Plane ticket-buying and journey-planning!
– Weird dreams
– Oboe recital featuring handcrafted oboe reeds
– Walks with dogs and friends
– Post-it notes
– Girly craft time resulting in countless new inside jokes
– A lot of sportsball
– Tallgrass Brewery!
– #so #many #of #these
– Making February goals so February doesn’t suck

Trying to appreciate each hour, day, and week. This is a work in progress.

One Love,
Bakes (the one and only)


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