The bad and the good

The bad thing is just that people kind of suck sometimes. I need to remember that I have an overwhelming amount of WONDERFUL people in my life compared to those that are just silly and flaky and kind of dumb. I am a pretty great friend, and a smart gal (at least I keep telling myself that, because I’m pretty sure it’s true) and the people who don’t appreciate that or dis me are just not worth my time. I suppose that could sound fairly conceited, but that is not my intent. I appreciate myself and so should others. I appreciate those around me and usually without discrimination. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.*

The good things are the prospects of movin’ and shakin’. Things are looking up for me in the way of traveling around this country. Atlantic Ocean in March. LA, Oregon, and the Pacific Ocean in April. It’s going to be a wonderful year. More doin’, less thinkin’ about it. That is all for right now. I probably could have written this in my journal. That is ok. Sometimes thoughts need to pour out into word-form when you don’t have your journal around.

*Until they abuse it.


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