BBC wonders why knitting is popular

Blue Earth Dyeworks

“Knitting is no longer the pastime of an older generation, it is increasingly appealing to a younger demographic who are engaging with the idea of expressing themselves through knitting as a creative art. The advance of the internet and social media has also been key to the emergence of new close-knit communities.”

via BBC News – Knitting event explores history.

I’ve often wondered what happened in the past ten years or so. When I learned to knit in my teens, knitting was definitely not an “in” thing to do. It decidedly had a unhip flavor to it, it had the reputation of being  something that grandmas did when they were overly thrifty or there was nothing good on TV. In fact, I learned first crochet, then knitting from my grandmother. As a child I often spent weeks at her place during the summer, and weekends during the school year…

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