Help Desk

Today I will begin shadowing librarians at my library’s help desk! I am training this summer so I can work at the desk during the fall semester. The help desk is basically a reference desk, so I’ll be getting some more in-depth reference training in order to be prepared to be out there myself occasionally during the fall semester. I am very excited — this is going to be great experience for me if I decide to go to library school down the road. I began in my library as a reference student, hired by the librarian who is training me for this gig, and I worked at the help desk for two years, so I have a solid foundation on which to build, I believe. I will be posting information on here that I find useful, or reference situations that taught me something, or whatever might come up that could potentially be interesting to other people!

I had a few “assignments” over the past week to prepare me for working at the desk. One assignment was to read the ALA Library Bill of Rights — needless to say I absolutely am a huge fan of this. Basically: boo censorship and yay for inclusion and accessibility! The other reading assignment is an article from the ALA entitled “Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers.” Okay, so I only read the first few pages (woops! It’s like being in college again!) What I read, though, was fairly familiar to me in the way of customer service, so I might be okay out at the desk without having read the entire thing – I will finish it tonight.

I will update after my first shadowing session if anything exciting or crazy happens! Now, for something fun: Librarian Fashion!



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