Sunny Sunday Morning

I am sitting outside, in my front yard, enjoying the morning sun and Kansas wind. I woke up nice and early today, even though 8:30 doesn’t seem terribly early, it is for the weekend and I could still be sleeping. Now that I have a job that requires my presence by 7:00 am Monday through Friday, getting to sleep in two-and-a-half hours later on the weekends is a dream. The weekend mornings have become my favorite time. My roommates usually sleep until noon or later on the weekend, unless they have to go to work and then they just wake up to leave. So the house is quiet, and I can read, get some dishes washed, or watch anything on the den tv I want (that is immediately available). Not only am I up and around early, but my days today and tomorrow (Memorial day – paid work off!) are completely open and planless and I will be able to do whatever I want whenever the mood strikes. Amazing!

What are my activity options?

-I could read. I have two books going right now – “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” and The Dhammapada, which is an important text of Buddha’s teachings. I am enjoying both books, but haven’t read either for a few days. I am a weird reader. I really love reading, but as I am generally an impatient person, I am also an impatient reader. Some books I can just fly through and read in a few short sittings, but this doesn’t happen very often because while I am an impatient reader I am simultaneously a SLOW reader. So if I can’t finish a book quick enough I lose interest and dump it for another. I guess the great thing about books, though, is that even if you don’t finish it the first time around, it will always be there for you to pick up again if you are so compelled. So, while both of the above books are interesting and good reads, I still get impatient reading them occasionally, and do not know if I will finish them. I will try to read at least a little of both today.

Another thing about books that I find daunting is the sheer quantity that exist. I feel like I will never be able to be a well-read person because I am overwhelmed by just how many books are out there that I would be interested in reading. So when I select a book, and while I am reading it, I am already out looking for what I will read next, and when I do that I lose interest in whatever I am reading! It is a vicious cycle that recurs merely because of my literary ADD.

-I think I will knit some today. I am trying really hard to get rid of all my yarn so I at least have a better excuse to buy new yarn for new projects. I also have knitting ADD, though, and skip from project to project without fully finishing one, or I will unravel the yarn and start over because I do not like something. There are similar reasons I am distracted by other projects as my book-reading issue – there are so many potential projects to work on that I cannot stay focused on one! It is craziness. But today I will work on my cotton cowl that I started a few days ago, just to get rid of most of the rest of my yarn. Next week I will try to make it into Wildflower and get some chunky yarn with which I can make something super quick with really big needles.

-I think I will also lay out in the sun today on our roof. It is really nice to be able to lay up there, because you are up high and get a lot of sun, but because of the trees blocking Manhattan Ave, there is a surprising amount of privacy. Except for the next-door neighbors, they can always see ya if you’re up there. Which is okay. I have never heard any complaints!

-I may look up some recipes to find something delicious to make for dinner. I have been eating out WAY too much in the past month and really need to focus my dining experience to the home. Sam and I went out to Tasty China House (best Chinese food in Manhattan…seriously) on Friday to celebrate pay day, but I claimed that would be the last time I would eat out for a week! Let’s see if I can handle that. I should probably limit myself to eating out once a week. That way it is more special and I will choose the location wisely! I have gotten so lazy about cooking and eating at home, and I want to get better at finding healthier home-dining options. I have never felt better than when I am eating great, home-cooked, healthy meals on a regular basis. This usually only happens, though, when I have a good partner who is interested in the same thing and we encourage each other and cook together. I don’t really have this in my house, so I’ll just have to take it upon myself to do it. That way when I move into my own place I will be ready! Yes!

-I may also get ahold of a disposable camera at some point. I haven’t taken pictures in a long time, as my film camera is acting WEIRD and I don’t know what is wrong with it. It has been that way for a while, though, and at this point I’m wondering if I’m ever actually going to get it fixed or if it will just sit there on my desk until I move and then in my new place for months before I just decide to get rid of it. I could always sell it for like $2 on Ebay and say it is broken, for anyone who would want to fix it. I bought it off of Ebay for about $10, and I could probably do that again. I just need a camera, really. A digital camera would be great also. Maybe I’ll look on Ebay today for cheap cameras. Yeah!

Alright. Those are my options. They seem pretty good. They make for a nice Sunday. I’m going to go get to it!



3 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday Morning

  1. Suggestion for using up your yarn. Knit a Dr. Who scarf. I made one for my #1 son and it uses a lot of yardage. :) Of course, you have to find someone who knows who Dr. Who is to wear it. Or else sell it on Ebay. LOL.

  2. Hey, I know there’s nothing much I can say as comment for this post. I liked your writing style…and can totally relate to your reading habits. Lately, I’ve been the same! :) Just wanted to let you know that I loved your post! Interesting read!

  3. Thank you to you both for reading and commenting on this post. Susan, thanks for the idea! I have done that with scrap yarn before and gave it to my best friend. Summer is a hard time for knitters (at least this one) because the heat doesn’t really inspire making something warm with yarn and I don’t have the guts yet to start a summer tank top!
    Roshni, thanks for letting me know you enjoyed reading the post!

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