I always have between five and ten tabs open on my browser at any given time. Right now, I have seven open. Am I really paying attention to seven things all at one time? What triggers me to flip from one tab to another when I am right in the middle of something? I really couldn’t tell you, but I find myself distracting. I can’t finish one thing without thinking, “Oh! I need to go to my Etsy shop and update an order,” or “I wonder what the presidential candidate news is for the day,” and I’m off, without finishing my previous thought. Is this “multitasking” any more efficient than if I were to just do one thing at a time, ignoring all other distractions? 

I think I will turn this into an upcoming challenge. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to only have one tab open at a time, or more if there are more needed for one task. I will tackle one task at a time, and see if overall I am a more efficient worker/user. 

What do you think? Is the ability to “multitask” online helpful and more efficient? Or does it really just make it harder to focus and complete tasks? 



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