What Conference/s should I attend?

I haven’t posted anything that wasn’t just pulled from another web site for a few weeks — sorry about that. Now I actually have something relevant to blog about in my own words. I am at the point in my job where I can start thinking about what library conferences I can attend over the next year. This takes a lot of pre-planning, and this is my first time learning how/when exactly to plan for library conferences that will enhance my personal professional development. It is quite exciting!

I work in the Interlibrary Services unit of my library, which falls within the Content Development and Acquisitions department. I think this may be a bit of a different system than other libraries, but I am not sure exactly how so or if that is correct. I don’t think ILS was always in CDA, even within the past few years during my time as a student employee. Basically, it would behoove me to attend a conference that focuses on ILS or acquisitions, but the R-Squared conference in Telluride, CO grabbed my attention when a librarian steered me in its direction. She said it would be a great conference for “young professionals” in the field to attend, and there is a group of people from my area traveling together in a van for the conference in September. It is all about finding and implementing creative ways to keep your library alive and relevant today and in the future. The specifics of the conference can be found at http://rsquaredconference.org/. I think it looks exciting and would be incredibly enriching. I think I could bring back a lot to K-State Libraries and it would also be useful for my future if I decide to go to library school. However, it doesn’t exactly fit well with my position and it would take a bit for me to argue to my department head why I should be able to be reimbursed for conference fees. She suggested I look into other possibilities, which I thought was a great idea (I tend to put all my eggs into one basket and then am more often than not disappointed when some of those eggs break!). She sent me a few suggestions, I asked some librarians I know for suggestions, and I have spent the past few days, and some time this morning, looking through possible library conferences that may be relevant, or just seem interesting to me. They are:

-Acquisitions Institute in Oregon: http://www.acquisitionsinstitute.org/
(suggested by my department head)

-Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition in Charleston: http://www.katina.info/conference/
(suggested by my department head)

-Internet Librarian in Monterey: http://www.infotoday.com/il2012/

-Brick and Click in Maryville, MO: http://www.nwmissouri.edu/library/brickandclick/index.html
(librarians from K-State are attending)

-ACRL in Indianapolis: http://conference.acrl.org/registration-pages-169.php

-Access Services in Atlanta: http://accessservicesconference.org/

-SPARC open access in Kansas City: http://sparc.arl.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=94

-Midwest ILL conference (next conference info not yet available)

-ILLiad International Conference at VA Beach (next conference info not yet available)

-Rapid Conference in Ft. Collins, CO (next conference info not yet available)

If anyone reading this has been to any of these conferences, are there any you would highly recommend? Are there any you would discourage a young library employee from going? Why? Are there any other conferences coming up in FY 2013 that anyone knows about and would recommend looking into?

I’m very excited about the potential possibility of being a librarian, and I like to think I am throwing myself “all in” at this job I’ve only had for a few months. I am very fortunate to be able to develop professionally before even having a masters degree, and I want to use the opportunity wisely to best benefit me in the present and hopefully in the future as well. Any input is greatly appreciated!



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