Inspiration & Aspirations

I have other blogs. Let’s be real – I have a blogspot page, as well as a tumblr page. One I have rarely used and that was years ago. The other I use on a fairly regular basis, but it is by no means of any interest to anyone who doesn’t know me. It may be of no interest to anyone who knows me either, as it is a rather disappointing online version of a personal journal.

The reason I turned to WordPress for a new blog outlet was a result of an inspiring lecture I saw the other day at my city’s university. I work for K-State Libraries at Kansas State University, from where I graduated recently and received a degree in anthropology. I got the opportunity to see an anthropology faculty, Dr. Michael Wesch, give a lecture in Hale Library about pushing educational boundaries in the modern age of digital and social media. He founded a movement (of sorts) called “ed parkour” (, using the practice of parkour as a metaphor for the way he, and many others, believe educators should be practicing education in this ever-globalizing world of constant data and digital collaboration in which we live. I cannot explain all of the details with as much eloquence as Dr. Wesch did in his talk, but if you are interested in this concept, I recommend looking around and getting familiar with the website. Dr. Wesch’s talk ultimately eradicated my persisting fear that the increase in online participation will lead to lack of human connection, and inspired me to become a part of the dialogue of the positive impact these outlets could potentially have on education if used in productive ways. He mentioned WordPress in his talk, seemingly impressed with its usability and customization possibilities for anyone with an internet connection and ideas to share with the world.

Now, I’m not saying I have mind-blowing, out-of-this-world ideas to share with the world, not by any means. Besides the basic inspiration that came directly from seeing Dr. Wesch’s talk, I was also inspired on a broader, yet more individual and personal level. I have considered obtaining my masters degree in library science, and possibly exploring the possibility of becoming a social sciences librarian. I feel this would be a great way to utilize my anthropology degree, as I came to understand the importance of academic research and feel that anthropology, while it has its problems that may not be solved any time soon, is one of those disciplines that truly works to completely understand the human condition and to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants. After hearing Wesch’s talk, I realized I want to also delve into matters of education. All-in-all I want to be involved in constant learning, creativity, and encourage pushing those boundaries of exploration as many people as possible can have positive and unique learning experiences. There is a lot to know about the world, so much more for me to learn, and for humankind to learn, and I want to be a part of this particular human journey.

I want to utilize this blog to focus on humans, creativity, education, technology, and how all of those intersect and depend upon one another. I also want to utilize this blog to become a better writer in multiple facets. I want to use what skills I acquired while an undergraduate, toiling over term research papers, but to support my interests as they are applicable to daily life – for both myself and others.

So, this has really been my mission statement, if you want to think about it that way. I only hope I will follow through on this stated goal and that this blog may help propel me to someday making a positive impact for someone, somewhere, and be a conscious contributor to giving the earth a stronger and brighter future.

Now I am off to explore.



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